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Our Little Lives Together

18 Jan

This is a blog from the hearts of my husband and I.  We each have our own passions that fuel and give purpose to our little lives.

Whenever I seem a little down, it is often because I have not sewn in a few days.  Sewing for me has a sort of invigorating effect.  If I sew a little everyday it seems like my life is in order.  I am creating new things out of sheets of fabric or old sweaters.  I experience a sort of weird high after I am all done.



The same is true of my husband Jared.  He gets more excited about composting than anyone ever should.  The fact that he is turning our discarded kitchen waste into new dirt for our garden astounds him.  And when spring comes, he treats little seedlings like his precious babies and carefully watches their every growth and progress.

So with these two little joys of our lives, sewing and gardening, we will try and entertain and inform.

The best part is we are both starting out on this journey and would love feedback and advice.  We are both learning and would love you to learn with us.  If you have never gardened before, then great!  We just started two summers ago.  Same with sewing- I only received my sewing machine a little over a year ago and have never had a formal class and do not know how to read a pattern.

Come along with us on this journey with our two beautiful daughters and we will learn and grow and create together.