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New Year’s Resolution

21 Jan

My goal this year, instead of losing 20 pounds or running a marathon, is to hand-make all of my daughters’ clothing.

They currently have clothes, some they received from Christmas gifts and others they have had for a while. Many of the clothes are almost too small for them and instead of going out to Target and browsing through the 75% off rack, thrifting, or even getting suckered into stepping into Gymboree (my favorite children’s clothing store, minus the prices), I will be sewing them.

For the past month or so I have been working on taking some of the shirts I’m sick of and transforming them into clothes for my oldest daughter. I am no seamstress but I am starting small and building my skills with lots of practice. Hopefully we can all develop our abilities and make some cute clothes along the way.

Here is a dress I made from a shirt that I really didn’t wear that much. It was pretty tight on me and was just taking up room in my closet. The shirt has a deep, earthy green that I thought would look amazing with my daughter’s blinding orange hair.

Cut off the sleeves, leaving about 1/2 an inch after the shoulder seam

Fold the extra sleeve fabric under and zigzag stitch all the way around.


Fold shirt inside-out then place the correct size dress on the top and pin around edges

cut off the excess fabric and you are set to go

The head band is simply one of the sleeves and the tie around her waist is the extra fabric from the bottom of my shirt