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Man’s Shirt Skirt

4 Feb

My husband and I currently live in married seminary housing. He graduates this spring so we are almost done! Yay! We have a little area in the building’s entryway where other tenants place clothes they are sick of or just don’t want anymore. Other people pick through the new clothing and take what they want. It has been an incredible source of fun for me. I get clothes to cut up and work with and I don’t even have to go to a garage sale or thrift store.

Here is a skirt I whipped up out of a men’s dress shirt. It was Banana Republic. And yes, it was very hard to cut into a shirt that I know cost someone an arm and a leg. But hey, no one wanted the shirt and it makes a super cute skirt for Aleah.

Cut off the sleeves to a man's button up dress shirt

(I don’t have pictures for each step, but here are the instructions)

1.Cut off the top and bottom of the shirt

2.Turn the shirt inside out and lay it flat

3. Come in a few inches from each side of the shirt and pin a line from top to bottom (the farther in from the edge, the tighter the skirt will be).

4. Sew a straight-line stitch from top to bottom along the pins and trim the excess fabric

5.  Fold the bottom up a couple times and zigzag stitch it to make the bottom seam.

6.  Measure  17 inches of elastic and sew it into the top for a waistband

7.  For a little more fun I sewed some ribbon on the bottom of the skirt and top of the pocket.