Sweater Dress

24 Feb

I bought this sweater at a thrift store intending to make sweater pants. But then after looking at it some more I wanted to try and make it into a dress for Aleah. I took in the sides and made the width of the arms smaller.  The neck was really small so it would fit her well.

But the arms were still too long. I loved the brown cuff on the end of the sleeve so I did not want to just cut it off and throw it away.  Instead I cut off the sleeve, a little shorter than the length of her arm, and sewed the brown cuff inside out to the bottom of the sleeve. Now when I fold up the cuff it stays put and looks perfect around her wrist.

I was a little worried that the bottom would be too long but wasn’t sure how I would fix that. Aleah tried on the dress and it fit fine so I didn’t have to deal with that part. Phew! She likes this dress because it is comfy and also keeps her pretty toasty.


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