Thrifty Thursday

24 Feb

When it rains it pours, eh?

So in this past week three major electronics broke at our house. The DVD player, our baby monitor and the digital camera. Shoot.

The first two appliances were quickly replaced with a run to a great thrift store by our house (for the DVD player) and a trip to target (baby monitor). But the camera is the biggest expense so we are still trying to work that one out.

But even with this flurry of expenses, we had one small consolation.

In the past month I cut out two coupons from our Sunday paper for Crest whitening strips.  One was a target coupon for $5 off and the other was a $10 manufacturers coupon.  I had no idea how much these would originally cost so I just saved the coupons and decided to check it out later.  Jared, the cute husband that he is, went to Target with my coupons and bought the white strips for me for Valentines Day.  What I didn’t know is that the strips were originally $50 dollars!  Sorry, there is no way I am going to pay $35 for those things.

So, when Jared was buying the baby monitor at Target I had him go and return the whitening strips.  He had the receipt and went to customer service to return them.  The lady behind the counter rang everything up and told Jared that there would be $50 put back on the card.  Being the upstanding citizen that he is, he showed her on the receipt that he only paid $35 for the product.  She shrugged her shoulders and said that the system didn’t really recognize coupons that way, and since she hadn’t noticed when she rang it up, the extra cash was ours!

Wow!  $15 dollars in our pocket.

Just some happy news at a time when the wallet was taking a hit.

2 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday”

  1. Tonia February 24, 2011 at 8:52 am #

    Yeah your teeth are plenty white anyways!!!! Sorry about the camera! Hope you find an affordable one that suits your needs. They make even the little point and shoots now with really high pixel counts, so it’s not too difficult to find something for a reasonable price that takes good photos. My advice would be to skip he cameras that have silly bells and whistles like “face finding” squares and “panoramic” settings and go with something that just does it’s job simply and well. That way your money is going towards high pixels and good mechanics instead of fancy settings.

    • Caitlyn February 24, 2011 at 9:27 am #

      Good point about the extra unnecessary features. I was completely happy with our little canon until it died. I need to keep an eye on pixels, thanks!

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