Princess Party

9 Mar

We have been invited to a princess party this Saturday morning, where all the kiddos are suppose to dress up like a princess.  Shoot.  I mean, how fun!

I can’t just go out to WallyMart and buy her a Cinderella costume.  But how do you make a princess costume?  Sort of nervous about this one because other people will actually be seeing this.  Yikes.  Okay, just breathe- you can do this.

I looked through my stash of fabric.  Not too many princess-like fabrics in there.  And since I don’t have a princess costume in my size that I can shrink down, I might have to go to a fabric store or see what else I can come up with.

I haven’t been to a fabric store in quite some time since I have been in a re-use kick lately.  I am kind of excited to go and use a coupon and see all the beautiful fabric.

A few days and a few sicknesses later…

Here is the fabric-

fold the fabric under a couple times so it will not fray

she was sitting here asking how to spell everyone's name

My little helper

so Aleah would be able to get in and out of her dress easily, I used little velcro dots and sewed them on

cut three inches down into the sides of the dress and then pin and sew the sides down to make a little more room for arms

this is what I had at first and it looked too much like a prom dress and not enough like a princess dress so I had to fix it

some fun sequins on top

cut a triangle out of the front and used the silver fabric to fill the blue hole I just made

added some more fabric to the back so the skirt would be more full

I think I need to add something more to the top.

Will add more pictures from the actual Birthday Party on Saturday with all the other little princesses.

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