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My Baby is Almost One

11 Mar

My baby will turn one year old in exactly 16 days! How did that happen?

Not sure where the tradition started but growing up, when someone turned one they got a whole cake to themselves to do what they wished.  We thought Aleah would go crazy with it but she was slightly reserved and was more interested in smearing the cake on her leg than actually eating it.

Sophia will eat everything and anything we put in front of her.  She actually eats more than Aleah, so I think her Birthday cake to herself will be highly entertaining.

I’m working right now on a banner that we will use for all future Birthdays in our household.  Instead of using a new paper one every year I am making a banner out of fabric so that we can store it and bring it out for everyone’s special day.  I will have it done by her Birthday on the 28th and hopefully a cute outfit too.

Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is the big princess birthday party for Aleah’s new friend.  Aleah can’t stop talking about it and is extremely excited about the birthday cake her Aunt Lina is making.

Hope you all have some fun weekend plans, anyone else going to a princess party?