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Luck of the Irish

14 Mar

I married into a very Irish family.

Growing up, the extent of celebrating St Patty’s Day was that I might wear a green shirt to school.  Other than that, life went on as usual.

Although my husband’s last name is not Irish, his maternal side is full of McGuires, McClures and Morans.  My husband and especially my daughter both have flaming red hair.  So, now we celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

Last year we went up to Northwestern Minnesota to see Jared’s cousins, aunts and uncles and stayed with his grandma.  When we were there I ate my first real St Patty’s Day dinner of Corned Beef, boiled red potatoes, and of course some cabbage.  It was a full day of food, family and games.  Everyone was decked out, head to toe in green.

I am lucky to have married into such an amazing Irish family.

I’m glad I now have an excuse to celebrate such a fun holiday.

Jared’s cousin is coming over on Thursday and we are going to prepare our first St Patty’s Day dinner.  I am quite excited about it.  Both our husbands have to work that night so we are going to have our own party.  I am thinking of making the beef brisket in the crock-pot, any other ideas?  I am totally open to pointers.