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A Manse Garden

21 Mar

My older sister is now the head pastor of a little church in southern Wisconsin.

Courtney hard at work

Along with her job came an amazing manse for her and her husband to live in.  For Jared’s spring break we decided to come and hang with her for a few days and help her start her garden since she has never done one on her own before.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Both girls were napping for a big chunk of the afternoon so we got a lot accomplished.  The side of her house has a good-sized fenced off area that will be perfect for her up and coming garden.  Since the weather is still a bit questionable we planted the seeds in a seedling flat.

We planted delicious herbs like rosemary, oregano, cilantro and basil.  Some vegetables we planted are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and my personal favorite- sweet peas.  And to attract bees and for aesthetic purposes we planted hollyhocks, giant sunflowers, lavender and cosmos.

Since Jared is graduating in the spring we will probably not be able to use our garden all summer, so we are using Courtney’s garden as an outlet so we won’t be so sad.

Jared tilling the soil, look how dark and rich the ground is!  I only garden with gloves that match my shirt, so fancy.

Happy Gardening to you all.  It is the perfect time to start those little seedlings inside.  You will save lots of money by not having to buy those already grown plants at the store.  And the massive amounts of seeds that sprout will fill up your garden in no time.