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Spring Plaid Coat

25 Mar

This is perhaps the most ambitious sewing project I have undertaken thus far.

$4.99 skirt from Goodwill

Traced one of Aleah's favorite coats

These are the pieces I cut out of the skirt. Tracing the arms, back and front to get the shape of each area

Aleah in her amazing leopard jammies, helping me before she went to bed

Sewed the back of the coat to the front pieces. After that I sewed about an inch wide on top for her shoulders.

Attaching the arm to the coat

The sleeves were not quite wide enough to fit around her arm so I had to use the last little bit of fabric to finish them off

this is the only fabric I had left after completing this project, I was so nervous I was going to run out

the cuff was the most tricky part of this project but it definitely dresses it up and completes the coat.

The cuff was originally the top part of the skirt.  I had to turn the coat inside out and sew the pieces together and then fold the cuff back into place.

Come back tomorrow for the cutest photo shoot ever.

I am so excited to show you!