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Nursery Pictures

26 Mar

Aleah and I were killing some time in the nursery before Courtney’s Wednesday Lenten Service. I put Aleah in her new plaid coat in hopes we could get some good pictures.

Don’t the pearls just make the outfit?

While we were playing, a precious nine year old girl named Kennedy came to play with us for a little while.  As she was leaving she silently grabbed some chalk, wrote Aleah’s name on the chalkboard and walked out.

After she left, Aleah dragged a little chair over to the chalkboard and began drawing.  I just love how these pictures turned out.  It all looks completely staged but it absolutely isn’t.

The big button on the coat used to be Aleah’s great great grandmother’s.

I am thankful that Aleah and my great grandma were able to meet a few times.  Aleah was only a couple months old when my Gramie B said, “My, she certainly has a mind of her own.”  And boy has that been true.