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Same Same

16 Apr

Aleah loves it when people or things match.  She points at one thing says, “Same.” Then points at the other thing that is slightly similar and says, “Same!”  She loves doing this and so finds things to be similar even when they are in fact quite different.  For example, Sophia will be eating cheerios and Aleah will be eating fish sticks. She will point at both foods and say, “Same, same!”  Because they are both eating food.  A stretch, yeah I know.

So imagine her delight when I made her and her baby actual matching clothes out of the same fabric.  She was so excited and proud.

baby wanted a bike ride too

Bye, bye speedy girl

Aunt Caroline (aka Aunt Lina) and her friend Michael babysat Aleah today while I took Jared to get his wisdom teeth out.  Caroline took the pictures and Michael edited them.  How amazing is that?  Babysitting, photography, editing and much more.  Thank you guys so so much!!!