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Skirt Purse

23 Apr

I saw this skirt at a thrift store and thought it would make a cute purse.

The purse that I have been using all winter is a red leather purse that has been wonderful, but I wanted to get a purse that would be more appropriate for the warm summer months that will eventually greet us.

It was extremely easy to make and I love using it.  The bag stays open really well so I can see everything that is inside.

Pin and sew the skirt to the bag

bunch up the skirt at the bottom and hand sew it to the bag

The total cost of the skirt and bag was $10.  While I was in line to buy my two items I saw that it was senior citizen day.  Senior citizens would receive 25% off their final purchase.  So, I asked the little old lady in front of me in line if she would buy my two items and I would pay her back with cash.  She looked at me for a minute and then agreed to my sneaky little plan.  So the cost of the purse was $8 (Should I post this on Thrifty Thursday?).

Most of my ideas come from things I read or observe elsewhere, but this was the first time a project idea was entirely my own.  I had never seen a skirt used in this way, but when I saw the skirt and bag in the store I knew they had to go together.  I guess you could say the inventiveness and originality of this project make it extra rewarding!