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Wall Hanging

30 Apr

I found the idea for this project in a book my mom gave me called, “Handmade Home.”  It is full of wonderful projects and inspiration for me.  Amanda Blake Soule, the author of the book also has a gorgeous blog:

The project is a wall hanging made out of felted wool and a few other fabrics.  It is perfect to put by a wee one’s bed to store: books, sippy cups and animal friends.  Here is a picture of the one I made:

I love this wall hanging because not only is it great for room storage but it is also nice to look at.  Some children’s storage can be pretty hideous, but this is both practical and beautiful.

I have been organizing my life a bit here and there lately.  I am not an organized person most of the time, but when things reach an ultimate low I get my act together and go a little nuts.  Perhaps I can blame it on Spring or something.  Heres to spring cleaning and being organized!  Happy weekend and happy  getting our acts together!