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Happy Mothers Day

8 May

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!

I have been a mom for almost three years now and have been celebrated for two Mothers Days.  Mothers Day is a funny thing.  It is fun to draw your mom pictures and bring her breakfast in bed when you are little but it takes on a whole new meaning when you are a mommy yourself.  You can appreciate more what your own mother did for you since you can now grasp what it takes.

I am so thankful for my mommy and am so blessed by my little ones who have made me a mom.

Jared is so crafty and thoughtful.  The past two years he has made me gifts with the girls “help.”

In 2009 Jared made me window boxes for outside our apartment.  Below the window there is a metal slab.  He put a magnet on the bottom of the window boxes so that they would stay.  So ingenious!  This past winter we didn’t really get around to taking them down and they stayed put through all the snow and storms.  My favorite part about these boxes though is not the beautiful flowers that greet me every morning or the magnets that make them stay put.  The best part about the window boxes is that Aleah’s cute little hand prints are all over the front and that they made them together for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have pictures of those boxes right now, but here are some pictures of Aleah helping me fill the planters that go inside the boxes.

she kept going out into the field to find the perfect dandelion for her to pick

Then she would come back and help me plant the dandelions into the flower boxes

The 2010 Mothers Day greeted me with a sign for our garden.  It stood in the middle of our garden all summer long and will travel with us wherever we end up.  Our good friend, Hawker, was around last Mother’s Day and he was able to pitch in and help with the painting.

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful, selfless, thoughtful, beautiful mothers out there.  Love you all!