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Zoo Morning

10 May

We have not had a warm spring.  Not one bit.  It has been snowy and freezing and 30-40 degrees.

So, when I listened to the weather and found that it was going to be 80 today I planned a trip to the Como Zoo.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day and I loved having to pack snacks and sunscreen instead of coats, boots, rain gear and hot chocolate.

I made Aleah this purple dress.  It has a cute flower on the top of it and on the bottom it has a little design.

I cut about a dozen, half inch vertical holes in the  bottom of the shirt and threaded some tulle in and out.

I was laying in bed one morning and thinking if this would work, and it did!

I have a few more outfits I am working on for the kiddos and can’t wait to show them to you.  I am totally getting inspired by the warm weather.  Spring outfits are so much fun!

Yes, she is having a morning cheetos snack =)

Me, the kids, and a giant leopard

Aleah yelling into the face of this poor turtle

I think they made amends because he let her ride him, after their little "talk"