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Gardens and Clues

18 May

It’s been a while since the last gardening post.  Jared is a bit swamped with school and church and internships and life, so we will give him a teeny bit of grace.  He has promised to get the blog more professional looking and to post more once he graduated on June 4th.  Oh, yeah and also when he gets back from his week long fishing trip to Canada.

Here are the seedlings that we planted a while ago.  Look at how huge these giant sunflowers are!  They are crying to get outside.  We are torn between bringing them up North on our next church job visit or planting them in the Seminary garden.

This tray is filled with leafy greens such as chard, arugula spinach, basil, parsley and a variety of lettuce.  We wanted to be able to plant some things up in the Seminary community garden before we leave that we can enjoy.  Since lettuce is such an early sprouting plant that we will have some delicious salads before we move on out.

Look at the beautiful purply-red stems. Do you like the surrender flags around the plants?

I could just eat them up right now.

For Mother’s Day, Jared got me these beautiful and incredibly sweet smelling Hiacinths.  We have planted them outside so they can have some more sunshine.

here is a little clue as to where we might be moving