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Going out of Business

20 May

There is a little fabric store near our apartment that is going out of business.

It is sad that they have lost their lease but very happy how low all their prices have gotten.

I have been to this location three times in the last two weeks.  The first trip was to check it out and buy some fabric for clothes for the gals.  The second trip was to buy my mommykins some cheapo fabric for her craftiness.  The third trip was today to stock up on fabric for curtains if we have a house someday =)

I couldn’t help myself.  All the fabric is 60% off and notions are 30% off.  They close their doors on May 30th but I think I am done with my fabric shopping.  I have quite the stash collected and I should probably not go back…

the spool of elastic Sophia is holding cost $2, wow

Maybe just once more.  Just kidding, I really am done!

Here is a picture of my collection:

Do you know how many projects this will result in?  Oh man, the possibilities are endless.

~On a side note, we are heading up north for a candidating weekend.  This means they have offered us the job but after a few church functions, people meeting us throughout the weekend and Jared preaching on Sunday, they need to vote for us to have the job.  We are excited about the weekend but also very nervous.  Here we go.  I’ll have some very good or very bad news at the start of next week.  Hope you all have a great weekend, blessings.~