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My Sewing Station

31 May

This is where I sew.

Doesn’t make much sense huh?

Okay, this is where I sew:

Doesn’t make much more sense.

My sewing machine is jammed between my bed and my couch in the middle of my living room.


Someday, maybe some day I might have a work space bigger than two by two.

A note from Jared:

Now, at this point you might be asking, “Why are you sleeping in the living room when you have a two bedroom apartment?”

Here’s the short of it:

Anyone who has raised small children knows sleep is precious…both the children’s sleep and the parents’.  We have been careful to try to protect both as our kids grow.  Well, when Sophia was born we kept her with us in our bedroom for the first several months while she was night feeding and waking every few hours.  After many months, she was still fussing at several points throughout the night, and it wasn’t because she was hungry — she was just waking up.

 After one particularly frustrating night Caitlyn awoke in the morning determined to find a solution.  Her wonderful mother’s intuition gave her the idea that Sophia was waking simply because she was a light sleeper, and our tossing and turning or snoring was keeping her up at night.  Rather then kicking Sophia out of our room, Cait decided it was time for us to find new lodging.  I went to church that morning with both girls, and when I got home our bed had been dismantled and re-assembled in the living room.  I was mildly amused that our two bedroom apartment has suddenly become a studio, but I was willing to give it a shot.  That night Sophia slept the entire night and never made a peep.  Oh, and did I mention we slept the whole night as well?  Woohoo!

We hope to someday get the girls in a room together and maybe I’ll build them a bunk bed or something, but for now they each need their own space.  Sophia goes to bed about an hour earlier and sleeps about an hour later, so it’s good for her to be in her own bedroom.  This sleeping arrangement isn’t ideal for us, (see Cait’s sewing space) but at least we all get to sleep through the night.

And we only have one more month in seminary housing, and then, perhaps…a house?