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Memorial Day Campout

2 Jun

We survived.

No, it was more fun than that.

The girls were troopers

we got to hang out with great friends

eat amazing food

and play lots of bocce.

This is my favorite picture of the weekend, Aleah eating her first marshmallow, with help from Grandpa:

It was a great weekend except for the insane amount of mosquitos, the occasional tick and the torential rain storm that arrived right when we were trying to pack up.

While we were running around trying to pack everything up in between rain spurts, we found Aleah having her second breakfast of potatoes from Lindeys Steak House

We also had a whole lot of help:

Aleah was a big helper with the dishes

This is a picture of three people being involved in feeding Sophia-

Overall it was a good weekend full of laughs and togetherness.  It is refreshing to be completely unplugged.  No one was calling, no one was watching TV and no one was using the computer.  We all stayed up late each night playing password and mafia, telling stories and being so loud that the park ranger had to tell us to quiet down two of the three nights we were there.

It was one of those weekends where memories are made.  In a few months we will forget the hassle of packing and unpacking.  We will forget about the bugs and the rain.  All that will remain are the great stories, fond memories and friendships we shared this Memorial Day weekend.  I am glad the girls first camping trip is in the books and am glad it took place with such great people.