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We Did It!

8 Jun

Jared has graduated from Bethel Seminary!

I am so proud of him.

 I am so proud of the girls.

 I am so relieved that it is finished.

We did it!  I am married to a Master of Divinity.  Pretty impressive huh?  =)

So this past weekend was super busy with graduating and family and food and things you cannot foresee.

For the big event me and one of my good friends made the girls pillowcase dresses.  She made Sophia’s and I made Aleah’s.  We only used ONE pillowcase for TWO dresses!  It was really easy and we made them both in a couple hours one night in between eating delicious muffins made by her husband and laughing.

I am going to be lazy and send you elsewhere for how to make the pillowcase dress.