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A New Camera and a Wedding

13 Jun

I have a new real camera of MY VERY OWN!!!!!

Holy, holy, Holy crap it is amazing. I am in love with my new camera. And now I will show you why:

Jared performed his first wedding exactly one week after graduating from seminary. No sense waiting around right? Lets jump right into things.

This was the wedding of a great friend he grew up with in Colorado. They grew up wrestling and getting into trouble together.

Cowboy hats and cowgirl boots were a major part of the fashion at this wedding.

The giant trees surrounding the ceremony were gorgeous. The hugest tree was the backdrop for the vows and songs and first kiss for the married couple. I couldn’t help but think how the tree has been around for hundreds of years. The things that the tree has been alive for, wow- I wish it could tell us a few stories.

This tree dwarfs everything that is nearby.

What a beautiful place for the first day with my camera.

 So happy.