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Happy 4th!

4 Jul

Happy fourth of July!

Sophia needed to point and wave at EVERYTHING during the parade

Jared and my dad had to help push a fancy car down part of the street because it stopped running

All lined up and ready for some candy

Aleah had four “copples” today.  According to her, “Four copples is great ,but five would be way too many.

After the parade and naps we went down to the lake.

Sophi’s favorite thing to do is throw random things into the lake, there goes the sunscreen.

High five!

Love them

Jared teaching Sophia to throw the rocks and not eat them

catching crayfish

Side note:  For the next two weeks we will be staying with my parents in northern Wisconsin until we officially start the job.  All of our personal belongings are already up in northern Minnesota storage and we will have to move in when we get there.

We are so ready to have this time to relax, take a breath, savor what we have just gone through and look ahead to our future.

Two weeks of no homework, no jobs and lots of help with the kids from grandmas, grandpas and various aunts, uncles and friends who will be passing through.

Another side note:  I sewed for the first time in a month!  It was so wonderful to get back at it.  I made Aleah two simple dresses since she is sort of running out of clothes- Sorry babe.  I have missed it so very much.  I was nervous I wouldn’t remember but I guess it is just like riding a bike.  The basics won’t leave you.

I PROMISE that sewing and gardening posts are just around the corner =)