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Goodbye Garden, Lesson 2: Worms Happen

28 Jul

When I first started composting from our home’s kitchen waste I did some reading and discovered that worms are essential to the composting process.  I had heard that there were places I could actually go to buy worms for my compost, but the notion of spending money on soft-bodied invertebrates only to throw them in my organic trash didn’t seem quite right, so I decided to go without worms to see of I could manage without them.

Much to my pleasure, a few weeks into my composting adventure I went to turn the pile and sure enough, when I pulled the pitchfork from the middle of the heap there was a whole mess of dark, luscious worms making themselves at home in my soil factory.  I never thought I would be so excited to see those slimy things.

I’ve also previously written about a time when I visited the garden at night during a rainstorm and found myself among thousands of giant night-crawlers slurping around in the mud, wildly retreating into their canals when my flashlight glanced across them.  It was a cool thing.

If you’ve been gardening for a while, I’m sure you’ve come to know and love your worms, and if you’re fairly new at the process you’ll soon find that worms happen…and its wonderful.