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Easy Green Skirt

2 Aug

Aleah loves watering Grandma’s flowers.

She is such a hard worker.

I am pretty sure its the angle because those red flowers don’t look that gynormous in real life.

How to make this skirt:

1.  Sew a large rectangle

2.  Sew a basting stitch on one of the longest sides.

3.  Pull the basting stitch so it will be as gathered as you would like.

4.  Fold under a couple times on three remaining sides of the square to prevent fraying.

5.Wasistband: Sew a strip of fabric together with the right sides together.

6.  Turn the strip inside out so now you can see your pretty fabric.

7.  Sew the waistband to the portion of the skirt that has been basted.

8.  Tie around your cute individual and you are set to jet.