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Down on the Farm

5 Aug

Eggs from the store taste nothing like eggs from a farm.  Real, fresh, beautiful eggs.  Eggs from the store taste fine and all, they are good to bake with, they get the job done in the morning when you need them to.  But farm fresh eggs are one of the most delicious foods you will ever eat.  The yolks of a fresh, happy chicken egg will be a dark, golden bright orangish yellow, and many times you will find more that one yolk in the eggs.

From Jared: I know what you are thinking.  Many of you, whether from indifference or simply because there’s no convenient place to get farm-fresh eggs (and it’s not worth the $5 a dozen at the hipster grocery store) are saying to yourself “Yah right, you’re just saying that to romanticize your little trip to the farm where the happy little free-range chickens happily lay their free-range eggs in a happy little barn with happy little rays of sun glistening off their feathers.”

Yah there’s some funny truth in that, but seriously there’s a difference.  Our family eats at least a half-dozen eggs every morning.  The girls usually share at least four scrambled eggs between the three of them, and I will have at least two fried eggs, over-easy, all runny and gooey and delicious.  And this doesn’t even include whatever eggs our pancake or French Toast recipe calls for.  So we know our eggs.  We’ve eaten a lot of them, and these last several months we’ve had access to farm-fresh eggs both from my sister-in-laws boyfriend’s family that raises chickens, and now from a friendly church member in Cook who processes meat, gardens, and raises animals (including many egg-laying hens.)  This exposure to farm-fresh eggs has made it obvious that there’s a significant difference, and when you crack a farm-fresh egg into your skillet, the bright orange yolk almost startles you with it’s vibrancy and richness.  And the color is simply an indicator of the flavor of the egg.  They are creamy, bold, and rich, and it’s almost a shame to add cheese or salt and pepper.  We love it.  We love our romantic, idyllic little image of the chickens, we love the bright color as it sizzles in our dark cast iron skillet, and of course, we love the taste.

Caitlyn Again: The girls and I were feeling like we needed an adventure one morning so we decided to head out to a local farm where they sell eggs.

I was so proud of Aleah for reaching her little hands in there and picking out the eggs.

Aleah looking at the pig through the cage and Sophia trying to get into the pig’s cage.  We have two quite different little gals.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this.  At first she was just yelling at the chicken but then decided she wanted to pet it.

Peeking into the chicks house and Sophia wondering if chick food would be tasty.

She loved our morning excursion and I am sure I will be hearing pleas from her to head out there again soon.

petting a turkey

So head out to a local farm to see what adventures AND what delicious food await you.