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Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

13 Aug

The first couple days of work, Jared was told he could paint his office.  Since we were not allowed to paint our previous apartment, we were very delighted.  However, this decision to paint the office also meant removing the decades-old wallpaper from one of the walls.  More on that later…

Then we set off to the hardware store to try and decide what color his office should be.  We considered keeping it neutral and bland, or vibrant and happy.  This was going to be harder to decide than we thought.  We walked around the store some more and finally decided on a color called Riverview.  Sounds nice right.  As the hardware store lady was pouring out the color for us it seemed a bit crazy and bright and I could see that Jared and I were both a bit concerned.  Oh well, this was our decision and we were sticking to it.  For the next day and a half Jared spent his office hour time painting his office…

And here is what it looks like and we both love it.

My little sister took this picture at the Como Zoo and her boyfriend edited it.

This picture was first a postcard I found in a consignment store.  I had it blown up for $1 and the picture frame was from IKEA for $2.

Jared dug through the garbage to find the wallpaper that had previously been on the wall (it has tiny little ducks).  Oh boy.  Thank you Jared for humoring me and finding the wallpaper =)

We were told that we could scour the church and find whatever furniture we wanted to fill his office.  We found some bright blue couches, some yellow slippery chairs, but nothing seemed to quite fit.

Then we walked upstairs to a little bible study room behind the sanctuary and there it was:

Since the red didn’t exactly go with the new green, I decided to get to work on my sewing machine.

I had found these beautiful tablecloths at a garage sale for a dollar a piece and had invisioned them hanging in my future kitchen as curtains.  Wouldn’t these have made great drapes?  So cheerful and happy.  Anyways, I took one for the team and used them to cover the couch in Jared’s office.

Since we will be moving a few more times in the next year it was nice to be able to decorate a room that will not be in transition.  His office will be his office wherever we will be living.  I suppose I just needed to sew something for a room that we would not be moving out of.

A mission, a fun and rewarding mission, accomplished.