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20 Sep

A few nights ago I had just put Sophi to bed and was about to put Aleah to bed and looked into the kitchen.  It was a bit of a disaster from dinner and probably some mess from breakfast and lunch too.  I asked Aleah, “Do you want to go to bed or would you rather help me with the kitchen?”  To my surprise she said that she wanted to help.

I pulled up a chair next to the sink for her to stand on and filled the sink with soapy water.  And she got to work and loved it.  She sang songs and splashed as I swept and filled the dishwasher.  I remember my mom doing this when i was little and also loving it.

She lined up all the cups in a perfect line.

Aleah looked so proud as she used the scrub wand to clean the insides of the dirty dishes

I feel like she is the kind of kid who is paying attention to every detail.  She picked up that scrub brush like she has been washing dishes forever but in reality is was the first time.

I remember when I was little always wanting to do big kid stuff, or even the super fun stuff that grown ups got to do.  Somehow their life of staying up late and doing adult stuff seemed way cooler than all the playing I was doing.

And now Aleah is the same way, wanting to do grown up stuff like the dishes.  Have you ever noticed how the way kids play is what they see other adults doing?  I am noticing this more and more as she gets older.  Just the other day she was asking me for my order and talking on her pretend cell phone.  The things I hear her say on her “cell phone” crack me up big time.  Yesterday she was taking a very important phone call and commented on how she had seen her friends picture on facebook and how absolutely cute the picture was.  Holy Smokes.

Anyways, she helped me clean the kitchen and I was very grateful.  We got to spend some one on one time and when I put her to bed I didn’t have to tackle the kitchen by my lonesome.

What a great helper.