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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

I made this with some hot glue, spray paint and a bottle.  Now Whatever holiday it is, all I have to do it change the top card.  Today it is Happy Halloween, next up will be Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!  Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.  I am extremely excited to show you the girls costumes after trick or treating!


30 Oct

My mom has had a serger for about ten or so years now.  My dad gave it to her for a birthday or Christmas or perhaps the sales person said the right thing. However it happened, my dad got it for my mom.

We used it a bit when I was younger to make fleece hats and a few other things.  Since then it has basically sat in my parents basement collecting some dust.  My mom brought it to the sewing weekend and our good friend Cathy got it up and running again.  This was no easy task since I guess it is darn near impossible to thread.  A serger is an incredible machine because it finishes off a seam after it trims off the extra fabric.  It looks like it could have come from a store.

This is me making some sweater pants and using it for the first time:

Some serious concentration.

And for now I have the serger in my posession. Yay!  Thanks mom!

Make A Pouf

27 Oct

The hit of the sewing weekend was a pouf.

We all agreed that it was a great project because it was not a lot of work and the result was a huge piece of furniture!

Click here for directions on how to make a pouf.

I placed my unstuffed pouf over Tonia’s finished pouf to see how it would look.

I think we made a total of seven poufs, wish I had a picture of them all stuffed and sitting next to one another.

Sewing Weekend

24 Oct

I was away this weekend at great sewing event that has been happening for about five years now. My mom, my great friend and her mom, my friends aunt and another family friend from forever ago were all together in a cabin in the middle of the woods with our sewing machine to keep us busy.

This may have been the most productive weekend we have ever had.  We all came back with our cars a little fuller.  The best thing about sewing around friends is not only the good company but the ideas and help that is shared.  One step that might stump you for weeks on a project is taken care of instantly around some talented friends. I learned a ton this weekend and I am excited to share my ideas with you.  But for now here are a few pictures of the weekend.

 Thanks to my amazing friend, there are actually pictures of me doing some projects!

Cutting out a project

Hand sewing the border around a beautiful quilt, what great teamwork =)

Making a Yo-Yo

Missing My Stars

21 Oct

As I was driving home I couldn’t help looking at the stars.  Yes, my eyes should have been intensely scanning the road for bears or deer or whatever creature wants to smash my car on the highway.  But I had to keep glancing upwards to the sky.  The stars were so bright tonight and I am so grateful that I am no longer in the city.

My husband and I had been living in the cities for the past 7 years.  When you live in the city, you get used to a starless sky.  You look up into the air at night and see darkness.  And to be honest I didn’t know I missed the stars.

But now that I have my stars back, I don’t know if I will ever want to give them up again.  They are immaculate up here in the North.  They are not only way up in the sky but they seem to reach down and touch the earth around you.  They go on forever and there are different levels of stars.  The close ones, the farther stars and the way, way far away stars.  The milky way is in the night sky and the big dipper is hovering over our lake right now.

I love, love, love my stars and am so glad to have them back.


Leaf Slide

20 Oct

Some yard work with a fun twist.

Crabby Centerpiece

17 Oct

Outside our window there is a big crabapple tree.  I went outside, cut a few branches off and then looked around the house for something to put them in.  The branches were pretty heavy and I needed something that would not get knocked over with our high traffic living room/kitchen.  I found this beautiful teapot in a cupboard and it has been our centerpiece for the past week.

Get outside and find something to brighten up your house!