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Crafty Girls

8 Oct

I found a white, old screen and decided to make it into something useful.  More importantly Aleah decided she wanted to help.

After painting the screen green I will add a ribbon and a few other things to spruce it up a bit.  Then I will use it as a place to hang earrings.  I am the kind of person who will not throw on jewelry unless it is handy and obvious.

Aleah always wants to be involved in everything.  If I am baking she is measuring with me, if I am sweeping then she has her own broom and if I am sewing she is most likely on my lap.

Sophi wanted to help too so I set her up on the picnic table with a bucket full of water, a paint brush and some cardboard to paint with water on.

 Here is the final product:

Wish I made this a long time ago.  I have lost a bunch of earrings in our many moves and because I am unorganized.

But now I have a nice place to keep my earrings safe and out so I actually wear them every once in a while.