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Sewing Weekend

24 Oct

I was away this weekend at great sewing event that has been happening for about five years now. My mom, my great friend and her mom, my friends aunt and another family friend from forever ago were all together in a cabin in the middle of the woods with our sewing machine to keep us busy.

This may have been the most productive weekend we have ever had.  We all came back with our cars a little fuller.  The best thing about sewing around friends is not only the good company but the ideas and help that is shared.  One step that might stump you for weeks on a project is taken care of instantly around some talented friends. I learned a ton this weekend and I am excited to share my ideas with you.  But for now here are a few pictures of the weekend.

 Thanks to my amazing friend, there are actually pictures of me doing some projects!

Cutting out a project

Hand sewing the border around a beautiful quilt, what great teamwork =)

Making a Yo-Yo