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Crafty Girls

8 Oct

I found a white, old screen and decided to make it into something useful.  More importantly Aleah decided she wanted to help.

After painting the screen green I will add a ribbon and a few other things to spruce it up a bit.  Then I will use it as a place to hang earrings.  I am the kind of person who will not throw on jewelry unless it is handy and obvious.

Aleah always wants to be involved in everything.  If I am baking she is measuring with me, if I am sweeping then she has her own broom and if I am sewing she is most likely on my lap.

Sophi wanted to help too so I set her up on the picnic table with a bucket full of water, a paint brush and some cardboard to paint with water on.

 Here is the final product:

Wish I made this a long time ago.  I have lost a bunch of earrings in our many moves and because I am unorganized.

But now I have a nice place to keep my earrings safe and out so I actually wear them every once in a while.

Pillowcase Pants

5 Oct

Time for a craft!

I made Aleah a pair of pillowcase pants.

They are soft and the best part about them is I didn’t have to hem the bottom since I used the finished seam of the pillowcase.

And of course the pants needed a pocket for small pals or perhaps a snack.

My first sewing project in my new house!

Picnic Lunch

3 Oct

Jared has Mondays off so we decided to enjoy the nice weather and have a grilled lunch outside.

We ate grilled potatoes and pork chops and green beans smothered in fresh garlic.

Sophia thinks everything tastes better drenched in ranch dressing.

Aleah thinks everything tastes better on a princess plate.

Jared thinks this was a pretty darn good meal even without ranch or a princess plate.