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Happy Hunting

6 Nov

Yesterday was deer hunting season opener.  Since we live in the woods, like to take long walks and don’t want to get shot by a hunter- I made this vest for Jared and me and I made blaze orange hats for the girls.

We were awakened the morning of November 5th at 6 am, to the roar of about 4 or 5 four wheelers.  Sleepy hunters on their way out to deer stands with high hopes of a trophy deer.

After a play date at the park, the girls and I were driving home and saw a happy hunter.  He was on his four wheeler pulling an eight point buck in a trailer.

Yesterday evening we went and visited Jared’s aunt and uncle and got to see his cousin’s eight point buck.  Nice work Ian!

Happy Hunting out there everyone, be safe please.  =)