Doggie Scarf

28 Nov

Some friends from college, J and E, came up to visit us a while ago.  They brought with them their well-behaved and quite precious Bernese Mountain dog.  Her name is Olive and the girls fell in love with her.  She is a huge dog weighing about 75 pounds and is still a puppy. Since she is so large people always think she is a boy dog.

To wipe away any confusion and to make her a bit more feminine- I showed E how to sew Olive a scarf.  I don’t think E had ever sewed before but was a natural and sewed her dog a scarf that fit perfectly.  It took about 5 minutes but looked really incredible on her.

By the end of the weekend Sophia was calling J, mommy- she loved Olive and sure liked J too!

An easy couple minute sewing activity to spruce up your favorite dog.

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