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Bedtime Stalling

10 Nov

Last night Jared, Aleah, Sophi and I were hanging out in Aleah’s room.  Jared was wrestling with the girls and I was sitting in the rocking chair taking in the scene.

I remember when I was a little girl appreciating the time with my parents before bed.  I remember doing whatever it took just to get another minute of awake time.  We would be little angels and treat every second was like it was a gift.  As soon as they said it was time for bed we would have to stop our goofing off and head to our beds.

I can see Aleah doing this same thing.  Doing whatever it takes to milk every last second of playtime.

The girls were in their pajamas with teeth brushed.  There was nothing else to do except play before we called it a night.

The time before bed is some of the most precious we have.  It is far too easy to throw on the pjs and put the kids in bed, and sometimes that is about all we can handle.  But I am going to say that those nights where we do allow the stalling to happen are the best nights.


8 Nov

Aleah is now in a gymnastics class.  She loves going and it is a great outlet for her energy overload.  After her second class, Aleah looked around at the other girls in their pretty leotards and flowing skirts and then down at her shorts and t-shirt.  And politely asked, “mommy, can I have one of those?”

At the sewing weekend, as I was busy making other things, my mom made Aleah a leotard and a flowing skirt.  I brought Aleah’s swimsuit so she would have something to go off of and it turned out great.  Thanks mom!

I didn’t know how proud I could be of Aleah, but when I see her jumping around on the trampoline or doing somersaults or hanging off the bars I am smiling from ear to ear and can’t take my eyes off her.

Happy Hunting

6 Nov

Yesterday was deer hunting season opener.  Since we live in the woods, like to take long walks and don’t want to get shot by a hunter- I made this vest for Jared and me and I made blaze orange hats for the girls.

We were awakened the morning of November 5th at 6 am, to the roar of about 4 or 5 four wheelers.  Sleepy hunters on their way out to deer stands with high hopes of a trophy deer.

After a play date at the park, the girls and I were driving home and saw a happy hunter.  He was on his four wheeler pulling an eight point buck in a trailer.

Yesterday evening we went and visited Jared’s aunt and uncle and got to see his cousin’s eight point buck.  Nice work Ian!

Happy Hunting out there everyone, be safe please.  =)

New York City!!!

4 Nov

A woman named Imaan Selim saw my sweater pants on my etsy store and she liked them.  She happens to have a store in New York City called Urban Alchemist. Check it out here.


Holy crapola I am excited about this.  I want to go down to her store right now and visit my pants =)  I have my pants in a store in New York City!  Someone pinch me or something.  Okay, excitement overload perhaps but I am so honored that this lovely woman wants to sell my sweater pants in her store.

Here are some reviews of the site.

Her store is in the North Slope in Brooklyn:

Go and visit if you are in the area!

These are the kind of pants that will be for sale:

I hope I can get her to send me a picture of them actually in the store.  I sent off 12 pairs on Wednesday and made 5 more last night.


2 Nov

For Halloween, Aleah was Rapunzel from the new movie Tangled.

She didn’t much like the wig but she humored me for a few pictures.

Sophia was a clown and she actually liked wearing her wig.