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And A Happy New Year…

31 Dec

I love those recap of the year segments on TV.  The ones that make you remember all the things that have occured  during the past year.  I wish my life could be one of those recap programs.  It would show-

-living at Seminary

-making my New Years Resolution to not buy any clothes for the girls for a whole year

-working at Lindeys Steak House

-freaking out about not knowing where we will live and if/what job Jared will get when he graduated

-hanging out in the hallway with seminary friends

-hearing about and visiting Cook, MN for the first time

-falling in love with and getting the job!

-Sophi learns to walk

-graduating from Seminary, whew

-hanging out in WI and CO for a chunk of summer

-various weddings

-Moving to Cook

-make lots of clothes for the girls

-Making new friends and finding our way in a new community, while still missing old friends

-lots of house guests

-Spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in our gorgeous (but temporary) lake home


I actually did it!  I did not buy clothes for my two precious peanuts for a whole year!  Although I do not plan on making this a two year resolution, I learned a great deal from this challenge.

What are your plans for the New Year?

It is so fun to be able to start fresh with a New Year, isn’t it?

Hope you all have some fun plans for tonight and are ready to welcome 2012.

Last but not least- some wisdom from good ol’ Calvin and Hobbes: