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Christmas Stockings

10 Dec

As an early Christmas gift my mom sent these our way in the mail.  The stockings are gorgeous and they were made from old, and quite ugly, women’s suits.

It is amazing what potential masterpieces can come right out of your local thrift store for a low price and some hard work.  We love them, thanks mom!

These stockings have made our living room very beautiful and Christmasy.

She also made some for my older sister and her husband:

And some for my little sister (the finished stocking has a diamond ring on hers) and her fiance:

Thrifty Thursday

8 Dec

Two deals for ya:

1.  Holiday Gas Stations

~Deal~~~~if you buy a $50.00 gift card you get a free 12 pack of soda.

——so, choose to pay for your gas inside the gas station.  Before you pay for your gas, ask to buy a gift card.

——with your purchase of a gift card they will give you some free soda.

——then immediately after you pay for your gift card, use that gift card to pay for your gas.

2.  McDonalds

~Deal~~~~buy a $5.oo gift card and get a free small mocha or peppermint mocha

——-trust me, you’ll use that gift card someday

Isn’t it nice to have a few free things this time of year?

Crayon Craft

6 Dec

Jared had taken Sophi on some errands which left Aleah and I to do some crafts.  We did some painting then I decided to go out on a limb and try something new.

like her leopard jammies?

I had Aleah draw with crayons on the canvas board and then we shaved some crayon pieces onto the board.

We used a blow dryer to melt the crayons.

It was a bit tricky since the crayon pieces wanted to blow around but we held them down with a fork to keep them in place.

It is now hanging in her room and she is very proud of it.

Sweater Dress

4 Dec

Here’s a sweater dress I made for Sophi.  I had already made sweater pants out of the sleeves and sent them off to New York.  Saw this picture of one of my friends little girls and wanted to try and make it.

I made the hood smaller to fit on her little head

Christmas Present Advent Activity

2 Dec

I found this idea on pintrest which led me to this blog and this picture:


I wrapped 24 books that we already own.  Aleah and Sophi will get to open one book of their choice every morning during the month of December.

Aleah was so adorable and excited when I explained this to her.  After she opened her present she exclaimed, “Wow!  I already HAVE this book upstairs!”  She’ll get it eventually after she has opened several books.  Or maybe she won’t and that makes it even better.

Sweater Quilt

1 Dec

Since I had quite a plethera of sweaters laying around, I made a sweater quilt.  This is the most cozy thing I have ever made and I loooove how it feels when I am sitting underneath my huge Christmas tree with my it on my lap.

I used my serger to put all the pieces together.  I was thinking that I would put a back on it but changed my mind after realizing how nice all the sweaters felt.  I didn’t want to cover up all of those pretty sweaters or their nice feel.

~the first quilt I ever made~

p.s.  my computer has too many photos on it and is very angry at me.  I need to deal with this before I add any more pictures, arg.  These are the only pictures I have of my sweater quilt at the moment, but I promise to have a tutorial and some better pictures up when I get my data overload under control.  Oops.