See you in a Week-

6 Jan


Here are a few pictures of my favorite flowers for you to look at until I get back on January 13th.

I will miss all you lovely people.

See you in a week.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

I am writing to ask if you could donate anything to this online auction that will be taking place in about two months. The purpose of the auction is to raise money for a teen  mom program called Young Lives.  Every penny raised by the auction will go directly to the young moms.  Anything at all that you could donate would be much appreciated. Anything from a gift card to a homemade item. The auction will be held in March but we would like the items by February 1st.

I am asking if any of you wonderful crafty people would be willing to donate any kind of item. You can donate a pair of earrings or any gift cards lying around the house. How about season tickets for sporting events? Maybe a timeshare that you won’t get around to using this year? Do you work for a company that makes in-kind donations to charities? Whether you think your donation has a lot of value or just a little, we will take it all! Every gift will make a big difference in teen moms’ lives.

Another opportunity for those with blogs that would want to get more publicity and traffic would be to buy an advertising slot. The auction is nationwide and thousands of people will see your advertisement or look at your donated craft item. The auction will run fromMarch 1st through March 11th, 2012. All donations must be received by February 1st.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this, here is the link so you can check out the website and actual auction,

Or at least shop at the auction website when the time comes

Thank you, any questions you can email at

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