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Gymnastics Bar

16 Jan

We looked online for a gymnastics bar to buy for the girls.  These are some that we found:

Olympia 45 Inch Adjustable Gymnastics High BarAai Junior Training Bar

The first one was $285 plus $49.66 for shipping, a total of 334.66.  The second bar cost $440 including shipping.

So Jared decided to make one for a fraction of the price.  The paint cost $10 and we have plenty left , and the wood cost $20.  The bar was something we had been hanging our clothes off of in the basement of our previous house.  The total price of the homemade gymnastics bar was $30.00.

My dad even got in the act and helped with the painting.  We brought Aleah to the hardware store and let her pick the colors herself.  But she did not know what the colors were for because we wanted her to be surprised on Christmas morning.

This is Aleah running to her gymnastics bar.

They love it and hang off it for at least an hour every day.

Such a great outlet for their never ending supply of energy.  Thanks Jared!

Look ahead to the February 8th post for great instructions.