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What the Nanny Saw…

5 Jan

I found this link through my friend’s blog.

Over 100,000 pictures have been uncovered of a nanny who walked the streets of Chicago.  John Maloof a real estate agent bought the negatives as part of a storage locker at a Chicago auction house.  The woman, Vivian Maier took the pictures with her Rolleflex camera and never had them developed.  Vivian died before her work was ever discovered and now her photos are being displayed in the Greenberg Gallery in New York.  Her pictures are breathtaking and paint a behind the scenes picture of the 1950s.

Watch a little video about Vivian Maier

Click here to see some of the beauty

What I Have Learned

3 Jan

These are the clothes I made this year.  It is strange to think that if I had not made this resolution I would not have made these clothes:

I might not have made these other things either:

Aleah was born in the Twin Cities and we lived there for over three years after she was born.  I loved buying her clothes and then when Sophi was born I loved buying both of them clothes.  Girl clothes are ridiculously adorable.  I loooooved shopping for clothes for them.  The mall was ten minutes away and it was a great place to take the girls on cold winter days.  I loved going to thrift stores and scowering the shelves for quality clothes for my kiddos.  It was fun having them match.  It was fun finding deals at stores.

I honestly did not thing I could make it a whole year but thought it would be good for me to cut back for a while at least.

This year has taught me to be inventive and use what is around me to make things happen.  My resolution has taught me that I do not need to run out to the store to fulfill what I am lacking.

I wonder how much money I saved this year.

All in all it has been a hard but educational and innovative year for me.  I will let you know when I make the big FIRST purchase but until then, thanks for your encouragement to me this year.  Couldn’t have done it without you =)