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Pink Skirt, Scarf and Headband

1 Feb

Sophi doesn’t get very many new homemade things because I make most of them for Aleah and in a year they will then be Sophi’s clothes when she grows into the and Aleah grows out of them.

The other day I actually made Sophi a brand new outfit.  Even Aleah was a little jealous.  And the best part about this was it took me about ten minutes.  The worst part, she wouldn’t stand still enough to let me take her picture.  Stinker.

She found the outfit to be better without the headband and with some goggles instead.  Where does she come up with this stuff?

(thank goodness for posts made ahead of time, heading to the visitation today and the funeral tomorrow, thank you all for the prayers- we really appreciate them during this time)