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4 Feb

I usually make posts out of recent pictures I have taken.  The past week has been spend with lots of family-cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandmas.

I haven’t taken that many pictures but I am glad I took the ones I did.  Most of the shots are of the youngest children, who didn’t understand what was going on around them.

look at that hair

There were nine kids age four and under, what a blessing they were this week.

Whenever people needed a breath of fresh air from the visitation they came into the nursery to be distracted and to see some smiling faces for a few minutes.

gotta love the red hair gene

Siblings and family who hasn’t been together in years

I always think it is a shame that people get together after the person has passed away.  How much would uncle Brian have loved to have everyone together.

The night of the funeral we all sat in a conference room at the hotel and told stories about him and laughed well into the night.  I feel like I got to know him better in the last week, through pictures and stories, than I would have in years of knowing him.

Thank God for family to lean on, people who know the ache you feel.
Thank you Brian for your life and legacy.  We will see you again.