Pond Hockey

12 Mar

here is my team

In the month of February I went back to my hometown of Eagle River for the  2012 Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships.

My team was made up of girls I played hockey with since we were little.

I played in this tournament last year and we won our division.

This year we had to go up a level and therefore got creamed.  It was definitely a different experience but tons of fun and a mini reunion.

This year it was 35 below zero.  I don’t know if I have ever felt that cold before.  The winds whipping across the lake and us with our hockey gloves and helmets.  It was freezing.  For one of the games I made my helmet at big as it would go so I could put a winter hat underneath.  I also wore snow gloves instead of hockey gloves because I couldn’t feel my hands.

Who knows what kind of weather and competition will greet us next year.

Lots of time is spent trying to get the puck out of snowbanks.

Thanks Abbey (red helmet) for organizing our team!

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