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Love Me Some Irish

22 Mar

Love St Patty’s Day!  I just can’t help myself.

And here are a few reasons why-

We started the day with green pancakes:

and green scrambled eggs:

Sophi wore the outfit that Aleah had on last year(skirt made out of a sweater):

On Saturday morning I put the corned beef in the crock pot and then about an hour before we ate dinner I put the mixture into the oven to give it some crisp.  Oh man, I can almost smell the deliciousness.

Red potatoes and corned beef, it doesn’t get much better than this-

I will be making this Irish Soda Bread throughout the year because it was do easy to make and really yummy.  The loaf was gone in about 1.3 minutes.

Aleah made a green (inside and out) cake and we sang Happy Birthday Saint Patrick.  Just because we could =)

It was another great St Patty’s Day.