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Pretty Pants

7 Mar

Here is a pair of pants I made for my girlie:

How lucky am I to have such a beautiful and cooperative little model

I think it is amazing the things a little kid can get away with wearing.  Pretty sure anyone over the age of 5 would look pretty ridiculous in these pants.  But she can pull these off, don’t you think?

She is one goofy gal

Trail Cam

5 Mar

Our friend sent us some pictures he has received from his trail camera.  He lives about ten minutes away from our house.

From my previous posts about a wolf, I thought I owed it to you to have a few GOOD pictures of a wolf, since the last one was a speck that I called a wolf.

Aren’t these pictures incredible?

A Well Needed Chair Makeover

3 Mar

I found two chairs at a thrift store that were quite ugly but in good working condition.  I decided to take a chance and see if I could make them pretty.

Here is a bit of the process:

I wrapped the cushion with fabric like I would wrap a birthday present.

The fabric looks good with the wood but the wood is a bit chipped in places.  I think I might spray paint them to make them look brand new.

If I decide to paint them I will for sure post some pictures.

Quite the difference huh?

Sweater Pants

1 Mar

Here is a picture of my pants on the shelf of the New York store Urban Alchemist. I just love updates on my pants!