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Sick Easter

10 Apr

Aleah and I missed all the Easter festivities because she had the flu.

We were bustling all around Sunday morning, making breakfast and getting ready for church and noticed Aleah was just kind of laying around.

As I was getting the cinnamon rolls out of the oven I heard the words no mother wants to hear, “MOM, I barfded!”  Oh shoot.

We got her cleaned up, a bath and started a load of laundry- then the rest of the crew headed out to church.

I am sure glad we did our big meal and egg hunt on Saturday because she was definitely not up for it on Sunday.

It is funny some of the mom tactics you try to check on your kid.  Can I make you an ice cream cone?  No?  okay you are still sick.  Do you want to go to the park?  No? okay you are still sick.  And the biggest clue that she is still sick- she had not  bugged Sophi in the last two days, definitely sick.

After laying around for two days she is feeling much better now. Thank goodness.