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Snow Day

18 Apr

Not having power is a pain in the butt and highly inconvenient.

I walked around the house all day turning on light switches that no longer worked.  I looked at laundry baskets full of dirty clothes that would have to remain that way for another day.  We nervously gazed at the outside of the fridge and freezer, wondering if all our food would spoil.  We looked like we hadn’t showered because, well, we had not showered.

As annoying as losing power is, there are blessings that come along with it.

Since it was getting a bit chilly inside our house we decided to head out to the sauna in our swimsuits and hang out for a while.  We each grabbed a cup and filled it with snow to eat.  We got thoroughly warmed.  Warm inside to our core.  It felt wonderful.  Then after we started to get a bit too warm we propped open the door to the sitting room to let that get warmed up too.  Jared and I sat in the wicker chairs in the extra room while the girls did “shows” for us.  They showed us their new gymnastics moves and danced and sang.  It was pretty darn adorable.

We cooked dinner on the grill, eggs and potato burritos.  Yum. It is like camping in the comfort of your home.

Instead of turning on the television when the girls went to bed we could play a card game by candlelight.

I cut out some sewing patterns that I have been delaying to do since I normally just want to get to the fun sewing part.

Thankfully we now have the power back on and the whole ordeal is over, but I am strangely thankful that this happens once or twice a year.  It makes us grateful for the everyday niceties that we ignore everyday.  And brings the family closer together.  And you might just find something you might not have otherwise:

Old Man Winter