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Moving Time

22 Apr

Moving again?  Well, yes.  But his move will the our last for a loooooooong time.  I hate moving.  I really do not like it one bit.  We moved to Cook almost a year ago and stuff we packed away when we moved out of Bethel Seminary housing is still in those same boxes.  It is going to be like Christmas morning when we get to open up those boxes again and see what we have been missing.

We were in this house, July-September:

Then we moved to this house, September-May:

And finally we will be in this house, May-…:

(sorry no picture at the moment)

This is the house that belongs to the church(a parsonage).  It’s a cute and spacious home nestled in the corner of town, and it backs up to the Little Fork River.  We tried the housing market but nothing was quite right for us.  The houses were either a million dollars because they were on Lake Vermillion or they were major fixer uppers.  We aren’t afraid to do some work and fix up a house, but I don’t think Aleah and Sophi would be much help with that whole process.  And we have to be out of our current house before all the rich people come up to vacation at this house for the summer.

I am dreading the move but…

I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO DECORATE A HOUSE!   I think I have been dying to set up a house since we got married.  Since our marriage we have moved six times.  Gag me.  Each of our residences have been temporary.  “Just set up what you need to live and that will be fine” kind of apartments and living situations.

Do you know how excited I am so be able to make curtains for my kitchen and the girls rooms.  I get to decorate a living room and a bathroom and a downstairs!  Jared and I will be able to garden!  Our very own garden!  We will be able to paint the rooms whatever color we want.  Oh man, I am excited.

So in less than a month I will be taking you all on a journey of house decoration.  Excited?  Well, I guess I sort of am too =)