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A Discussion about Food

4 Apr

Hi, Jared here.  Yes, the sun has blazed its way through the snow piles, the ducks are slowly re-convening in our varied wetlands, and the wood frogs are creating quite a racket as they breed in the marshes near our house.  Spring is here, but the layer of frost on our porch and the nip on our toes as we walk through the grass suggest it’s not quite time to bust out the gardening gear yet.  The reality is, as mild as this winter and spring have been, the hard freezes here in far northeast MN can last until almost June.  Patience, Patience, Patience.

In the meantime, Cait and I have been following an entertaining and fruitful discussion over at our friends’ blog, Itty Bitty Impact about local farming, pigs, and food justice.  I think it’s worth linking here, so please stop over — and be sure to read the comment thread to follow the engaging discussion regarding sustainable and equitable food and farming practices.

Double Flower Skirt

3 Apr

I made this skirt for the daughter of Aleah’s gymnastics teacher.

I sewed the strip of fabric with a basting stitch when it was inside out then turned in to the right side.  This made the strip of fabric curl into a flower when I pulled the basting stitch tight.

I was running short on time (and I am lazy) so I used my sewing machine to attach the flower to the skirt.

Sorry there aren’t any cute kids in this post

Shaving Cream Art

1 Apr

Last week we had some special company.

When Jared was getting his M. Div we lived in Seminary housing.  On our floor was a wonderful family with two girls the same age as Sophi and Aleah.  We would leave our doors open and the four girls would roam from apartment to apartment.  We spent A LOT of time in that hallway during the winter.

To celebrate their visit we made some shaving cream pictures:

I mixed food coloring into cups filled with shaving cream and the girls painted with spoons on their trays.

After they had the shaving cream paint all swirled around, we printed onto the paper.

This is what the paper looked like when we were done.  They looked even more awesome when the shaving cream dried.

Pretty darn, fun, cheap, entertaining, colorful and easy craft to try with your little one (or yourself =).