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House Paint and Messy Kids

23 May

The last two nights, Jared and I have put the kids to bed around 7:30 and then got down to painting.  We have gone to bed around midnight but have transformed our basement.  Jared’s mom is coming to visit tomorrow and we want it to be nice for her =)  Actually I am glad we had a reason to get the basement done, it could have remained unfinished for far too long.  Thanks Mary for helping us get our act together.

We had been avoiding the basement  since we moved in and  were trying not to spend too much time down there,but  now we LOVE i!.  No pictures yet, but it will be worth it.  I promise, oh man it just looks so darn good.

There are so many projects going on around this house, it is not even funny.

In other news:

The weather has been quite pleasant this past week and we even got some rain to help the garden grow.  Here are some pics of the kids eating popsicles and being quite messy.

Is it normal to have to throw kids in the bathtub at the end of every single day?